Products & Process

How much do your design cost?

We have two main levels of designs available: Collection and Couture. Prices are differentiated based on your budget, dreams, desires and on those details accordingly. Contact us to discuss your dream design suite and to get a quote!

In the quote, we also note down the price of each item. You could choose the whole package or exclude the items you don’t need. If you need the sample products for your final decision, don’t hesitate to let us know.

Can I create the content of the invitation?

When send you the contract, Traqué will also attach a file requesting the content, text and style you want to use on the invitations. Return this file to us with the signed contract. If you need our help with the content, please let us know. We would love to create a thing with you.

If you want to use images or painting, please send as many images with the best format and size. This will help us understand your style, personality and desires so that we can create the perfect art for you. During the work, if you want to add more design items, let us know in order to revise the contract. What if I need more invitations than order? In case you need extra printing invitations, we are pleased to support if we have enough time.

Beside wedding invitations, what other products does Traqué offer?

With the passion for art and creativity, we develop ideas and design not only on wedding invitations but also greeting cards, occasional cards, handmade canvas bags and so much more… Contact us for more detail.

Print Proof

Will I get to see a proof before my design is printed?

Traqué only send print proof if your order over 50 products or costs more than 2.000.000 VND). There are two types of proof: Digital proof and print proof. We need you to confirm digital proof before printing. Proof is used to check wording, color of the products before mass printing.

How to confirm proof and revise?

We require all designs to have a proof approved by you before they go to print. Rest assured we will make sure every detail is perfect and you will sign off before it goes to print!

Ordering – Shipping – Payment

Can I order via Facebook or by phone?

Traqué is happy to answer questions, provide technical support and customize designs through platforms such as email, chat software, Facebook, Instagram, Zalo, Viber…”

Does Traqué ship internationally?

Traqué has shipping service if you are far away (in provinces outside Ho Chi Minh City and abroad). Anywhere FedEx and DHL are present, you will receive Traqué products.

How to do quotation and contract?

After agreeing to the cost of implementation and the items, Traqué will send you the contract.

Please remember to read carefully the contract content to avoid errors, especially pay attention to the deadline for the sample print and the deadline for receiving the final invitation. Then sign the contract and send it back to Traqué within 7 days with a deposit of 50% of the contract value.

What to pay attention to about payment?

Please make a final payment for Traqué when the invitations are fully received.


We accept the payment methods, such as:


POS: Card machine

Text: Content