Our Philosophy

For the past 9 years, from a little handcraft shop inspired by Trà Quế vegetable village in Hội An – where farmers still maintain traditional agricultural practices in harmony with nature, and in particular saving the seeds for the next seasons, Traqué is now a studio specialised in sustainable creative business. Not only collaborating with artists, craft artisans and specialised workshops to create unique invitation cards and prints, each bears the personal story of a newlywed couple, we also help traditonal craft products adorn a new look to maintain the precious indigenous resources, and assist local artisans in approaching the market through e-commerce and alliances for Vietnamese agricultural produce and specialties.

Entering the 10th year, Traqué position ourselves as an organisation that activate connections – collaborating further for the sustainable development of individuals, organisations and businesses in the process of global integration. Embracing the idea that “partnership is the new leadership”, we want to work with our partners to build a supportive ecosystem, to together generate positive impacts to the society, environment and livelihoods for more people with the practical experience that Traqué has gained over the years.