The blue colour reminds mourning, nostalgia and a warm and sweet fragrance as the first ripe fruit. The “Immortal Love” collaborates with ” Forget-me-not” flower indicating the faithful and endless love.

When the details are minimized, the font itself will bring a luxurious beauty and a subtle highlight to the wedding suites. The tracing layer adds a dreamy, gentle feeling to the cover which makes a first impression of an elegant wedding.

Olive branch symbolizes wealth, peace, the perfect ending of a beautiful love story. The “Just Because” marks the beginning of your wonderful lives together with minimalist design to surprise the recipient.

Look at this simple classy and shiny marble invitation card! With the marble pattern, the invitation itself looks like glowing under the sunlight. Let’s take your wedding invites to the next level of elegance with this classic blue marble wedding invitation

When you see “the traditional red”, you know it’s the symbolic colour of South East Asia culture for fortune and happiness. Red tone is generally chosen by people who appreciate the traditional values. That’s why “Love Without End” is the combination among unique, simple, elegant, and traditional.