What’s ahead for wedding in 2022?

These Are the Seven Wedding Trends You’ll See Everywhere in 2022 Get ready to have a lot of fun, thanks to next-level entertainment, alternative floral arrangements, the return of destination events, and ’70s-inspired décor.

Interactive Entertainment Yes, entertainment has always been a central focus of weddings, says Lynn Easton of Easton Events, but over-the-top musical elements are a top ask right now.

Alternative Florals The 2022 bloom scene is gonna be “mono floral,” which will feel decidedly less garden-inspired (romantic, lush arrangements dominated in 2020 and 2021). Smaller, grouped collections of blooms in similar hues will take center stage. Predicting that “monochromatic tones of florals in different vessels for texture” will be a leading style choice.

Color Expect to see a reinterpretation of color and neutrals in 2022. Nearly half of our experts cited colorful events as a leading trend. “Touches of green go with any palette, since flowers come in every shade with green leaves or stalks. It’s always pretty, rich, and natural.”

’70s Style “Based on fashion trends, I have a feel the ’70s are coming back to weddings,” says Banuelos. Expect to see the former “on candles, rentals, or paper details,” since the “fun texture adds all the warmth, while still leaning on the side of romance.”

Intimacy Micro weddings abounded out of necessity in 2020, and while guest counts have since risen, small events have imparted a lasting lesson.

Fun “People are ready to party!” Creating an upbeat, ebullient atmosphere, then, will be key in 2022—something Newman (who notes that “fun” has been her recent couples’ word of choice) says to achieve through design, entertainment, and surprise elements that leave a “euphoric after-taste.”

Destination Events “Destination events are king.” Thanks to ramped up vaccination rates and loosening global restrictions, we’re predicting a return to faraway-celebrations in the new year.

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